About our course

Our online course Cyber Risk for Law Firms contains essential cyber risk education in a language participants can understand.

The course is suitable for both lawyers and non-lawyers and provides up-to-the-minute education about cyber risk and email fraud, including COVID-19 scams. The course appeals to all participants by avoiding jargon while incorporating relatable scenarios through a thoughtful, logical structure. 

Course duration < 90 minutes

Our standard T&Cs provide access for 28 days providing ample time to complete the course.

What you will learn

Our unique and up-to-the-minute course focuses on professional duties using real-life case studies impacting law firms and other businesses. You'll learn that:

  • Managing cyber risk is a professional issue

  • Why cyber risk is everyone’s responsibility in a law firm

  • How cyber events and human error occur

  • Practical steps to protect yourself, your business and your clients

Course structure

  • Our interactive course is divided into ten concise chapters that you can work through at your own pace.

  • It contains 60-90 minutes of video content, broken into shorter videos of around five minutes each.

  • There are four short quizzes to reinforce learnings as you progress through the course.

  • Participants must pass all the quizzes to receive a certificate of completion.

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Cyber Risk for Law Firms

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What our participants are saying:

In 2020 the Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee recommended that Cyber Risk for Law Firms be completed by all lawyers and support staff at each of its insured law practices. Since then more than 3,000 business professionals have completed Cyber Risk for Law Firms, with 98% saying the course increased their understanding of cyber risk.

  • “It's great that CPD is not just about the law anymore but more about how current events affect practice.”

  • “…all lawyers [should] have to do this as part of renewing practising certificate.”

  • “As a member of support staff, it was an excellent course and should be mandatory for all law firm employees.”

"As lawyers we need to understand the risks and impacts involved in cyberattacks both for our own cyber security and that of our clients. This course has provided us with practical, relatable and valuable information to enhance the knowledge of both our professional and support teams. We required every member of our teams nationwide complete this excellent course."

Geoffrey Connellan – National Managing Partner, Moray & Agnew Lawyers

Your instructor

Simone Herbert-Lowe, Director

Simone is the legal practitioner director of Law & Cyber (L&C), an incorporated legal practice which provides risk management education about cyber events and email fraud and which also provides legal advice to businesses impacted by cyber events. She has nearly 30 years of experience as a lawyer including 20 years managing legal claims against professionals. She is the author of numerous articles on professional responsibility, particularly in relation to cyber risk, which have been published in leading professional journals, and she speaks regularly at conferences and via webinars for organisations on topics related to professional duties, cyber risk and privacy. Simone has presented educational seminars on the topic of cyber risk and email fraud for leading Australian lawyers’ professional associations, education providers and industry bodies.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 01: Welcome

    • Using the course player

    • Introduction: Cyber Risk for Law Firms

  • 2

    Chapter 02: Cybercrime impacting businesses today

    • Why your practice is at risk

  • 3

    Chapter 03: Impersonation fraud

    • Impersonation fraud

    • Check in

  • 4

    Chapter 04: Phishing

    • Phishing - Introduction

    • How to recognise phishing emails

    • Check in

  • 5

    Chapter 05: Use of email to compromise other accounts

    • How email can be used to hack other platforms

  • 6

    Chapter 06: Breached passwords and weak log-in credentials

    • Securing your log-in credentials

    • Check in

  • 7

    Chapter 07: Data theft, identity fraud and the dark web

    • Hacking of confidential information held by businesses

    • Identity fraud and the dark web

  • 8

    Chapter 08: Ransomware and other malicious software

    • Ransomware

    • Malware designed purely to destroy

    • Can you spot a phishing message? Take this short quiz on the ACSC website (Optional content)

  • 9

    Chapter 09: Human error

    • Human error and data breaches

    • Check in

  • 10

    Chapter 10: Summary

    • Video summary

    • One minute survey - help us provide the education that law firms need

  • 11

    About L & C

    • About L&C

  • 12


    • Copyright notice

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